I Made Something

Here's my first halfway quality wood working project. I made it from the cheapest wood I could get. I wanted to avoid ruining good wood as I practice. This was a simple free plan I found somewhere on the internet. I have already thought of one huge improvement. You can't see it from the angle I took the picture from, but the end of the carriage bolts that fix the table legs onto the table are visible at each corner. Yech! AFTER I was done I found several other possible ways of having a similar strong adjustable attachment that would not be visible. I can get the simple, cheap hardware from Lowe's in the same place I was able to get the carriage bolts.
Retrospect is too late, but very educational.
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Billy said...

Nicely Done! It is so gratifying to make something useful with you own two God given hands.

My attempt

Charles Stepp said...

What tools did you use. Those are nice symetric curves. How did you join the wood.

The girls said you've made some chairs and other stuff.

Billy said...

Between my borther and I we have a dewalt power miter saw, a dwalt jig saw, a ryobi belt sander, and a porter cable compressor with three different gauges of brad nailers. The air nailers make the job so much smoother.
I try to use as few fastners as I must and glue all the joints. My favorite thing to do is use reverse angles to add stability with a minimum of material.